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When listing and selling a property, chances are your home will be listed on the local multiple listing service or MLS. Most MLS require the first or featured image of a property to be that of the outside of the home or the view from the home. Nine times out of ten, it’s the view of the home itself. This is why curb appeal is so important. Most featured images do not start on the inside of the house so the outside needs to be amazing, or amazing enough to prompt buyers to want to see more.

Landscape staging and curb appeal is a must when selling your property. Of course, if you have a condominium or townhouse, your choices might be somewhat limited as well as if you are selling vacant land. But a single-family house on a lot should be beautifully staged both outside and in. Here are some simple tips to staging your landscaping and increasing your curb appeal.

Neat and clean.

All the landscaping should be neat and clean whether that’s mowing the yard, edging the lawn, keeping walkways, pathways and porches clean, pulling any weeds in rock gardens and beds, and trimming bushes, trees, and shrubs away from the siding of the house and keeping them clean and clear from walkways and sidewalks. If necessary, consider hiring a professional landscaping service while your home is on the market. They can keep it neat and tidy throughout the marketing process.

Don’t go overboard.

Not every buyer loves massive landscape projects or huge features. They may see it as high maintenance and it could actually do tour buyers away from the home. Keep things simple and don’t add major projects like water features, waterfalls, rock gardens, or high maintenance plants and trees. Keeping it simple and low maintenance is the best option for most homebuyers.

Stick to one or two colors.

Green is often best and goes with just about any color tone of house because it evokes nature and natural environments. Once you start adding a lot of color it can seem messy and busy. If you’re planning on adding color in the form of flowers, stick to one or two colors that complement your house color.

Don’t forget the backyard.

While it is usually the front of the house that most buyers see first, you don’t want to neglect the backyard either. The backyard should be in extension of the inside offering a beautiful outdoor living space even if it’s simply a patio table and chairs. Clean and clear is also the motto in the backyard and if you have a lot of backyard pets such as chickens or you allow dogs in the backyard, try to keep their messes to a minimum.

First impressions can make or break a deal so make sure your curb appeal is up to par. As with all of our clients, we would love to give you a personal, on-site consultation on how to improve the curb appeal and staging of your home. Contact us at any time to learn more.

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